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Bachelor of Commerce- Marketing

Marketing is an essential survival tool in today's competitive business environment. Marketing impacts upon almost everything we see and do in today's world. As a marketing graduate you'll get the opportunity to take up an exciting career requiring talent and creativity.

The marketing major introduces the subject in the wider context of how it impacts upon business. You'll learn how business identifies and gets to know their target markets, then learning will move towards tailoring messages and products to build and maintain a sustainable business.

Marketing is often misunderstood in its contribution to successful businesses, so a comprehensive approach to all aspects of marketing is offered in our subjects. The subjects offered for study allow you to explore the extensive scope of the marketing function. The most important aspects are introduced as well as offered in-depth with later semester subjects that cover discovering customers and how to grow potential markets. Competitive analysis and innovative distribution options are also covered.

Your study will allow you to prepare for a rapidly changing and increasingly competitive global commercial environment. You'll learn about the importance of customers and how to match what your business does to their requirements. You'll develop a critical thinking approach to review the competitive offerings in the area of your work or passion and always keep a look out for emerging trends that can impact on your success and potentially offer you new growth opportunities.


Businesses in all areas recognise the importance of marketing to their success and continued growth. Traditionally, marketing has been the domain of only the private, commercial sector.   Howeer, employment opportunities for marketing graduates have been increasing as organisations in the not-for-profit sector put more emphasis on marketing activities. Health organisations, environment groups, community organisations, religious bodies and educational institutions are examples where this increase has occurred.

Course Outline  

The Bachelor of Commerce (majoring in Marketing) is 3 years full time.

Semester 1
Management Essentials for Today's Business
Marketing Basics for Competitive Positioning
Data Management for Business Success
Key Economic Principles for Business

Semester 2
Managing People and Organisations
Managerial Accounting
Essentials of Business Law
Information and Data Management: Basic Mathematics and Computing

Semester 3
Innovation and Entrepreneurship
International Business
Business Finance for Business Success
Marketing Elective

Semester 4
Knowledge Management for Today's Competitive Company
Perspectives on International Trade and Finance
Marketing Elective
Associate Degree Exit point

Semester 5

Why Corporate Social Responsibility Matters
Marketing Elective
Marketing Elective

Semester 6

Industry Experience
Integrative Marketing Project

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