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Bachelor of Commerce- Management

Management is critical to business success. A major in management will prepare you for real-world business outcomes whether you wish to start your own business or work as a business consultant or within a public sector enterprise or as an employee in an established business.

Our management subjects will teach you the critical concepts to grasp the knowledge required to work in the business environment of the 21st century. Real-world examples will be used to learn the concepts and share the experiences of those, your teachers, who have done this before.

As well as the fundamentals of management, you will also study fundamentals of marketing, data management and economics, all important building blocks to acquiring knowledge that will enable you to be an effective manager.

You can also explore entrepreneurship and innovation, key success factors for today's competitive business environment.

The subjects will also enable you to plan and apply business tools that are well accepted in today's businesses. Business planning is important for those who succeed, knowing what you want and planning how to reach this goal. Your subjects collectively will prepare you for developing effective business plans. Having the business tools acquired from your assessments, reading materials and classroom lessons, will also allow you to prepare effective business plans and importantly, prepare you to confidently make decisions in different business scenarios.

Case studies are a typical education tool used in many of our subjects, allowing you to learn relevant information and bring to life the concepts and theories.

The management major seeks to give you an education that is relevant for today's global business activities. You will learn about this business environment and be prepared for some of the networking opportunities that you may use to start your career on completion of your study.  

Course Outline  

The Bachelor of Commerce (majoring in Management) is 3 years full time.

Semester 1
Management Essentials for Today's Business
Marketing Basics for Competitive Positioning
Data Management for Business Success
Key Economic Principles for Business

Semester 2
Managing People and Organisations
Managerial Accounting
Essentials of Business Law
Information and Data Management: Basic Mathematics and Computing

Semester 3
Innovation and Entrepreneurship
International Business
Business Finance for Business Success
Management Elective

Semester 4
Knowledge Management for Today's Competitive Company
Perspectives on International Trade and Finance
Management Elective
Associate Degree Exit point

Semester 5

Why Corporate Social Responsibility Matters
Management Elective
Management Elective

Semester 6

Industry Experience
Integrative Management Project

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