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Bachelor of Arts (Moving Image)

Moving Image (Digital TV and Film Making) will propel you into the contemporary world of moving image making; cinema, TV and much more. If you have an interest in creating moving images with live action, then this course is ideal for you.

The course looks at the entire moving image making process, so you'll learn traditional crafts like story telling and character development, as well as up-to-date tools and methods. Much of the course is based around the young and emerging film / video maker with strong craft skills supporting the knowledge component of the course.

You'll study and discuss masterworks, as well as work on your own creative projects. The aim is to develop you creatively and to introduce you to the craft. Either as a solo project or as part of a team, you can expect to make projects and programs which reflect current broadcast style programs and commercials. Work is in both digital and video which reflect industry practice and the work shown in festivals both local and overseas. We shoot on HD (High Definition) and do our post production on industry software such as Final Cut Pro and Express and AfterEffects.

The diversity of work produced is inspiring and enriching. Many projects touch on social issues; others are very strong in portraying drama; all include from writing the script through to presenting works as part of their Major Project. After the course you'll have specialised talents that will lead you into any of the new or traditional areas of moving image.


Careers in the moving image industry encompass a wide range of media and image-related industries. You could be working broadcasting, TV and film companies, and facility houses or as a freelancer.

As a graduate, you may choose to:

- Develop you own projects, increasing the scale and scope as your career progresses.

- Join the industry and work your way to the top through the established departments, e.g. Camera, Directing, Production, Editing

- Devote yourself to a speciality. (That is, become expert in an area that interests you.)

You may work in areas such as:

Short films

Music videos

Television commercials


Archiving / documentation


Feature film


The rewards

Rewards depend very much what part of the industry you wish to be in. On the commercial end base salaries are around $40,000 pa, average around $75,000 top around $140,000. Or you may even become a world-wide celebrity and have famous actors lining up to work with you on your latest project…

Course Outline

The Bachelor of Arts (Visual Communication) Degree (majoring in Moving Image) is 3 years full time.

Semester 1
The Moving Image
Computing for Design
Ideas and Thought

Semester 2
Art Direction
The Shoot
Drawing, Design Principles and Colour Theory
Visual Communication

Semester 3
Understanding Acting
Producing and Production
History of Visual Communication

Semester 4
Story and Drama
Directing Live Action
Design Meaning and Culture
Associate Degree Exit point

Semester 5

Post Production
Major Project (Part 1)
Business Communication

Semester 6

Industry Experience
Major Project (Part 2)

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