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Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Music

Available at

  • Melbourne Campus Vic


320 cp (Pass)
Minimum duration: 4 years full-time or equivalent part-time (Pass).
Minimum duration: 5 years full-time or equivalent part-time (Honours)

This dual degree provides the opportunity for students to integrate studies in music together with a choice of various disciplines in the humanities. The Bachelor of Arts component offers a diversity of studies, making it attractive to students seeking a liberal arts education and the development of skills either as a basis for employment or as the foundation for further specialised study. The course is designed to produce knowledgeable, articulate, innovative graduates skilled in research, logical thought, clear expression and the application of ethical principles to decision making.

The Bachelor of Music component provides a balanced training in practical and theoretical areas of music, leaving career options as open as possible. Alongside rigorous historical and theoretical studies, students are trained in practical skills preparing them for careers as professional musicians.

Career Opportunities

Career options in music are left as open as possible and may include musical areas such as solo performance, accompaniment, vocal or keyboard teaching, conducting, choral training, and arrangement/composition, and church music.

Pathways to further study

An honours degree in arts or music is available for high-achieving students.

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