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Bachelor of Acoounting

Graduate Profile
The body of knowledge of the Bachelor of Accounting is oriented to graduating students being eligible to be registered as Associate Members of the National Institute of Accountants. The professional job-related core of this body of knowledge comprises Accounting Systems and Processes, Financial Accounting, Professional and Regulatory Processes, Management Accounting, Accounting Theory, Finance, Auditing, Organisational Functioning, Commercial and Corporations Law, Taxation, Information Systems Design and Development, Economics, and Quantitative Methods. A body of knowledge comprising the business and related social environment covers Business Economics, Business Communication, Critical Thinking, Interpersonal Dynamics in Business Organization, Dimensions of the Knowledge Society, and the Creative Culture by which innovation drives economic advantage. 


Recognition by an Authorised Body   
CPA (Australia) declines to recognize a higher education degree until it is able to assess the standard of graduates in practice. However, the degree has been designed in accordance with the academic requirements for CPA (Australia) recognition in order that graduates hopefully will be eligible for CPA membership. However, the degree meets the requirements of the NIA for associate membership and as such meets the requirements of DIAC for migrants to practise as accountants in Australia.


Admission Requirements    
Students applying for admission to the Bachelor of Accounting are required to have achieved:


· Higher School Certificate (HSC) from NSW or equivalent.
· IELTS 6 (for Overseas Students) or equivalent;


Mature Age applicants are asked to provide evidence of prior studies. All supporting documents submitted with the application must be certified copies of the original. Where an applicant does not have secondary education qualifications or equivalent qualification the applicant will be required to undertake a literacy assessment and provide a profile of life and learning motivation.


Candidates who have documentary evidence of study at a recognised institution may apply to have subjects credited towards their course. The application and assessment process is set out in 5.11.3, "Recognition of prior learning". A recognised institution is any institution currently accredited by the Australian Government. (See the Student Selection and Enrolment Policy and Procedures Section).


The Academic Board will annually review the qualifications of students entering the degree program.


See Appendix "Student Selection and Enrolment Policy and Procedure"


Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)/Credit Transfer   
UIC will grant credit for prior learning at an Australian accredited educational institution or evidence of professional experience.


Students may apply for exemption in a particular subject/s. Application is made on an Application for Exemption form available on the College website under the heading of Student Services and submitted to the Committee Chair via Student Services.


Exemption will be granted under either of the following processes:
1. A student requests full exemption from a subject. The student is required to submit certified copies of academic transcripts. The determination of exemption is based on whether the subject content of previous studies is similar content, duration and level of institution from which exemption is sought. Or,


2. A student requests that he/she has sufficient knowledge and/or skills for a particular subject to sit a challenge test within three weeks after the commencement of that subject.


Students who receive an exemption for a subject will receive a grade of Exemption on their UIC transcript for that subject. No applications for exemption will be accepted after Week 3 of the first semester of study.


Students who have been granted an exemption in a subject may choose to progress to another related unit at a higher level.

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