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In Year Three students are exposed to higher analytical skills and knowledge within the management domain, specifically focused on service organisations within hospitality. Subjects such as facility and risk management, financial management, workplace relations, law and business ethics and strategic management provide students in their final year with an opportunity to examine, and be challenged by theories and practices impacting on middle to upper level managers.


Tourism and Hospitality Sales and Promotion

examines practical issues involved in carrying out the

sales and promotion function including marketing plans,

distribution channels, pricing, advertising, public relations,

media, and the roles of various sales tools.

Hospitality and Tourism Financial Management

deals with the use of financial and operating information

for management in planning, control, evaluation and

decision-making through understanding, interpreting and

using management accounting and other financial


Law and Business Ethics for Tourism and

Hospitality introduces the legislative environment for

hospitality operators, their obligations to guests and staff,

as well as a foundation from which to explore ethics and

ethical conduct of hospitality businesses.

Strategic Management for Tourism and Hospitality

Enterprises develops knowledge and understanding

about various theories and practices in strategic

management, applicable to tourism and hospitality

organisations, and draws together strategic issues from

earlier parts of the course.

Workplace Relations for Tourism and Hospitality

exposes students to a range of contemporary issues

impacting upon workplaces, through case studies from

Australia and internationally, building a knowledge base

relevant to practices in hospitality organisations.

Facility and Risk Management for Hospitality

Operations examines how organisations manage hotel

property infrastructure through development, operational

risk processes, asset protection and planning.

Elective students may choose from a range of elective

options, which include Contemporary Tourism Issues,

Conventions, Meeting and Exhibitions Management,

Entrepreneurship for Tourism and Hospitality, Event

Management and Information Systems for Tourism,

Hospitality and Event Management.


At the end of Year Three students will graduate with a

Bachelor of Business in Hotel Management awarded by

Southern Cross University.

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